Graduate School Of Business & Management

Graduate School Of Business & Management is dedicated to the removal of barriers that restrict access to and success in any study level and to increasing equality of educational opportunity for learners worldwide.

This section of our website will help you to understand that mission, how we go about accomplishing it and how, in the process of doing so, we help thousands of learners every year to accomplish their personal goals and realise their dreams. Please take a few minutes to get to know us better.



We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards in teaching, research, scholarship and student service.


Our flexible learning model adapts to your needs, putting you in the driver’s seat. You can enrol in all programs and register for any course at any time of the year and work at your own pace, studying at home, at work or wherever you may find yourself.


We are committed to our mission of guaranteeing access to post-secondary learning to all who have the ability and desire. If you are 16 or older, you are eligible for admission to enrol on one or more of our online courses.


We continue to adopt and develop new, learner-centred learning models and technology-based alternatives to traditional, classroom-based instructional channels and contexts. We apply technology to make learning accessible and simple.